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Identity Ⅴ Costumes


Why Buy the Best Identity Ⅴ Cosplay Costume in MIKU COSPLAY?


"Identity Ⅴ" is an Asymmetrical Battle Arena game. You play detective Orpheus, who, after receiving a mysterious letter of entrustment, enters a notorious manor to investigate a disappearance. In the process of evidence investigation, the player's Orpheus will use the deductive method to review the case. When reviewing the case, players can choose to play the role of a supervisor or a survivor, and start a fierce confrontation. But in the process of investigation, when the facts are infinitely close to the truth, more and more unbelievable truths are discovered. The absurd gothic style, the suspenseful brain-burning plot, and the exciting 1V4 "cat and mouse chase and escape game" confrontation gameplay will bring players a brand new gaming experience.

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